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Laboratory Schedule

Week Content Material Solutions
W01 Introduction to MS Access PDF  
W02 SQL Server Orientation - Account Setup - Home Installation Tips PDF  
W03 ERDPlus and ER Examples (entities) PDF  
W04 ER Examples on ERD+ PDF PDF
W05 Project Assignment and Discussion + PHP and SQL Server PDF, lab7-Supplemental.zip  
W06 Relational Algebra PDF PDF
W09 SQL-DML I (Basic Block SELECT-FROM-WHERE, and Set operators) PDF, Northwind.txt PDF
W10 SQL-DML II (Joins, Aggregates, Nulls, Order, Like) PDF TXT
W11 SQL-DML III (Views, Triggers) and DB Programming I (Sproc and Procedural) PDF, Hogwarts.txt TXT
W12 DB Programming II (Selected topics: Indexes, Transactions, Graphs, Json , Administration, Role Management, etc.) PDF  
W13 Project Phase B - Exam.